Terms & Conditions

Mad Dog Custom Air Rifle Stocks, LLC

There is a lifetime warranty on all Black manufactured stocks as long as you are the original owner (No warranty on second hand stocks.) No matter the damage or how it was damaged, the stock will be repaired if possible or replaced and this will be determined by us. We will ask you to contact us at that time to go over how to proceed. Customer will pay shipping both ways on repairs and or replacement on all stocks.

Return Policy
If you are not happy with the stock or it is not a stock that works for you, we will exchange the stock for a different one or refund your purchase if it is returned to us in 10 days from the time you receive your purchase. If you want a refund on your purchase, there can be a charge of up to 20% if we determine the stock was damaged by neglect (Our Discretion when the stock is returned.) No stock will be refunded or replaced with a different one until the stock has been returned to us for inspection. Customer will pay shipping back to us and shipping back to you if you decide on a different stock.

Thank You,

Doug Russell
(316) 640-3554