We have added the BullDog to the Texan line of rifles. Another option to keep the rifle really light but still improves stability and Great ergonomics.

This stock can be fit to all AirForce platforms, Talons, Condors and all Texans.


This is a replacement forearm for the AirForce platform. It will fit all AirForce Air guns including all Texans and the Wok Guard for a greater feel and function.

I can double drill the forearm screw to fit standard AirForce and the Texan frame both if desired. By far my favorite forearm and a cheap way to improve the hold of the rifles. A flat bottom that helps with canting the rifles and a beaver tail design that gives you a Great hold.

The Ultima and Raptor stocks are a Great platform for your Texan SS!

I’ve been down with a broken foot but back in the shop making more of these great stocks. Let me know if your interested in purchasing one of these as i get caught up, and if i don’t have one ready, it only takes me a couple of days to get one out to you.

Thank You to everyone that has helped me and been patient with the injury!!



We have changed to a New coating that we are extremely impressed with! The durability has increased 10 fold and the texture is spot on. The product has a bit of gun metal gray to it that really accents the rifles and accessories. It has a vinyl substrate that gives it a smooth feel but lets the texture come thru for a better hold. Maintenance is much improved over our other product, scratch removal is quite easy with some fine steel wool and a soft cloth and some Armor All. If the stock starts to look a little dull or flat, just wipe it down with some Armor All and it comes right back to life.

We have gone to this product from here on out on all stocks and the reviews for it have been outstanding!




We want to let customers know that MDRL Bull Pup Kits are in stock and ready to go.

We would still like to have customers to contact us before placing a order incase we get behind on stocks and Thank You to all of you that have patiently waited for them!

Eric Henderson of Adventures Afield stopped by the shop for me to do a special stock for a 408 Quackenbush. We decided to do a short video of how we do things here and the facility that we built.

Hope you enjoy it and New projects are just around the corner for Long Range shooting!



This is a set of cherry grips and forearm I did for Chris Turek ( Up North Air Gunner ). These are still raw wood with no oil and he will finish them himself. I used to do a lot of these but not so much anymore.

I will start doing more of these on customer request if anyone is interested in a pair.

I hope everyone is having a Great New Year!!





This is a forearm I just finished and turned out pretty sweet! Customer sent the piece to me and this is the first time I have worked with it. It cuts completely different than solids so there was a learning curve but will do more of this if customers want to send the blank to me.



More Texan & Texan SS stocks almost ready! Get them while they are on sale!

Any interest for stocks that we may not have finished, or we need to make, will still be honored for the sale if you contact us before the end of the Sale ( January 1st )..


Merry Christmas & have a GREAT New Year everyone!!